My Playlist for Getting Sh*t Done

So, if you’re like me, it doesn’t take much to distract you from work. Even if it’s work you’re really, really excited about.

For me, this definitely stems from stress and anxiety. I have stress about getting things done quickly or perfectly, which leads to procrastination (if you don’t start yet, you can’t fail yet, right??)

Then, I have anxiety about not having started. So I keep procrastinating. Let’s pretend that makes sense.

When I finally start, no matter how into the project I am, I’m taunted by Instagram and Netflix, by yoga or eating or cleaning or organizing my desk. While all those things are good, they have their place in the day, and that place is not in between every task on my to-do list.

But, the one thing that can help keep me focused? Music. And I mean vibe-heavy, feels-heavy, mostly lyric-less music. This is a spin on the ‘Mozart Effect’ … the idea that listening to classical music makes you smarter, especially on young, developing minds. What is really going on when you work or study, though, is that a calming, repetitive beat in the background can have a similar effect, helping you make connections and supporting your reasoning skills. Weird, right? (Find out more here.)

Below, find my most calming, focus-driven playlist that I shuffle EVERY time I need to concentrate. And it’s over 10 hours long, so…

Let me know in the comments or on Instagram if you want to see playlists for other occasions! (Like Pregame, Workout, Mornings, Feel-Good, Holiday, Dinner Party, Rock, Indie, Laid Back, Punk, Oldies, Dreamy, and about a thousand others that I’m constantly building up.) 🙂


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