Learning and sharing how to do what you love, make money, and prioritize passion with wellness.

Hi! Hannah here. Some of you are probably wondering why I'm here. Or why you're here??

Basically, I was tired of seeing:

  • Voices of older generations talking about everything that millennials ruin
  • Getting caught up in different networking groups promising the secrets to success
  • A large population denying the existence of sexism
  • A large population claiming illegitimacy of feminism (read: equality between men and women)
  • People in the workforce working themselves to death in the hopes it brings that promotion or raise

and probably some other stuff that will come up.

Basically, I'm going to read a ton of nonfiction/ entrepreneurial/ business/ communication/ stress/ management/ work-life balance/ career-oriented books, and let you know what I think, so you only read them if they're truly valuable. Beyond the book blog, I'll publish on a number of said topics, based on popular opinion, current events, questions from you, new experiences, etc.

So what makes me qualified?

  • I've been the unpaid intern, the paid intern, the entry-level grunt worker, the promotee, the supervisor, the director, and a strategic business consultant in various fields
  • I've edited and/or ghostwritten several novels related to motivation, leadership, stress, communication, negotiation, self-help, wellness, corporate crisis management, decision making, and a few more, with clients of all ages and backgrounds
  • I've struggled with the depression and anxiety that has spiked in my generation, as well as chronic fatigue and work-related stress that has been detrimental to my health
  • I've experienced first-hand (as well as talked to various mentors with similar experiences) working in companies or with people that have conscious or unconscious sexist tendencies, tech companies, small and large businesses, and have worked in-office as well as fully remotely

I'm far from being the most experienced in the workforce. But, having worked with so many different people in different companies and roles, and seen the issues in the workforce today (for myself or through the lens of a ghostwriting client), I think I can bring some value to you.

Read on, if you want. 🙂

– Hannah